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The best clone golf club?
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The best clone golf club?

Clone golf clubs from GigaGolf
Here are six reasons why.

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When you see the range of clone clubs available out there, you might be tempted to ask which ones are best? But don’t try and answer the question. Seriously. Because the better question is not which is the best clone club, but which is the best clone club store.

Let me explain.

There is no best club. Everyone has different needs. So what would be best for one golfer wouldn’t be the same for another. Skill-level makes a big difference, for example.

There are clone clubs specifically designed for beginners which would be an awful choice for those with a low handicap. So do you mean best in terms of reliability? Durability? Quality? Value-for-money?

Those criteria are hard to judge with clones. They’re not brands with wide coverage in golf equipment magazines and TV shows. So a better approach is to start from a different angle.

Once you accept that a clone club is a good idea, the issue is one of reputation. Not of the club, but of the seller. Clones run the spectrum from cheap and nasty counterfeits (illegal and not what this blog is all about) through to generic brands producing quality discount clubs without spending anything on marketing and advertising.

So you need to find the reputable sellers. The ones selling the latter, not the former. Once you have a reliable clone retailer, you’re halfway to answering the question about the best clone club.

What are the reliable stores? I haven’t enough personal experience with all the choices to give you a perfect answer. All I can say is that I bought my clone clubs last May from GigaGolf. And it was a pretty even choice between them and Pinemeadow Golf.

Once you have a store, then you start to think about the right club for you. And that’s where customer reviews come in. The store’s own description of a product guides you to the right choice for your needs. Then it’s the comments of fellow golfers that tell you if the club lives up to its billing or not.

Can’t find customer comments? Then it’s probably not the ideal clone golf store for you. Both GigaGolf and Pinemeadow Golf, for example, let people comment on their products. And I’ve found negative comments there too, so it’s not a PR stunt.

So the answer to our original query about the best clone golf club? Find the right store and listen to what others say.

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Clone golf clubs from GigaGolf